Anodea Judith – Clearing the Seven Windows to the Soul


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Module 6: Seeing Your Way to Clarity

Anodea Judith - Clearing the Seven Windows to the Soul

The sixth chakra’s element, light, allows you to see — not only all around you, but to have insight within as well as a vision for your life. Here you are guided by the pictures you hold in your mind — pictures about yourself and the world in general. However, few of us view ourselves accurately, as our sixth chakra is programmed by negative images, stereotypes, and distorted reflections. Discover how to find clarity and hone your intuition as you clear your sixth chakra from the past to see forward into the future.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Harness the power of stillness to see the reflection of how your consciousness plays out in your life
  • Be given a valuable exercise for seeing yourself clearly that you can use anytime
  • Explore how to nourish your subtle body by drinking in light
  • Practice a color meditation for evaluating and enhancing your entire chakra system
  • Improve your powers of visualization to vitalize your vision
  • Increase your connection with your intuition to sort out truth from illusion

Module 7: Opening to Your Divine Connection

Anodea Judith - Clearing the Seven Windows to the Soul

The journey through the chakras is ultimately a journey to awaken your divine nature and connect heaven and earth through the inner channel of your own body. This mystery abides in consciousness — not only your ability to reach higher states of consciousness, but also your beliefs, interpretations, and thinking patterns that literally run your life. You’ll discover how to question and change those beliefs and how to clear your mind to find clarity, peace, and realization.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Be given methods of meditation for “downloading the Divine” for greater guidance in everything you do
  • Isolate the beliefs that limit you — and learn an effective technique for changing them into beliefs that truly serve you
  • Examine how your questions are like your “browser” in the universal field of consciousness, directing your attention and experience
  • Gain command of your attention for greater effectiveness with simple meditation techniques
  • Develop your ability to find stillness at the center of everything you do
  • Distinguish 3 essential states of meditation practiced by yogis for thousands of years

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