Sabrina Chaw – Taking Flight in Your Third Act


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Module 6: The Owl’s Gateway
Harvesting What You Have Known With What You Have Grown (November 5)

Sabrina Chaw - Taking Flight in Your Third Act

In our Third Act, we recognize that our state of doing is matched by our state of being. At this threshold, you gather your life’s experiences and lessons into embodied wisdom so that your actions turn into manifestations because they are in alignment with your soul’s heart. As a result, you transform fear into discernment, doubt into trust, and scarcity into joyous gratitude.

In this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Recognize the Avatar of You that you have created from the moment you were born up to the present day, and celebrate all the wisdom you have harvested
  • Create an intentional life full of possibilities while letting inspiration, not expectation, guide you
  • Learn to take on challenges boldly and unabashedly
  • Make peace with any fear around death and use HER as a vehicle for surrender
  • Discover a devotion in higher service to yourself and to the world

Module 7: The Phoenix’s Gateway
Resurrection & Rebirth (November 12)

Sabrina Chaw - Taking Flight in Your Third Act

At this threshold, you recognize that all you have lived and loved is a crucible of your spirit. This is where the alchemical magic of all the previous thresholds turns into gold, where you are ready to take on the highest calling of your life, and take flight. Clarity gives you sight, your allies give you wings, and your soul’s heart opens you to wherever you want to go.

In this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Cultivate unwavering faith in who you are today
  • Embrace change, and marvel in what is changeless
  • Transform the notion of time as an enemy — to one of remarkable awe
  • Shift from living in limitations to living in what is limitless
  • Step away from fear, and step into love

Module 8: The Great Ceremony
The Initiation of Reclaiming Yourself & Arriving Home (November 26)

Sabrina Chaw - Taking Flight in Your Third Act

You have arrived. Your Third Act is full of amazing possibilities and hope, and you have a myriad of sisters on this path with you, to witness you, support you, hold you, and love you through the final rite of passage of this journey. This is a celebration of what you have let go, what you are committed to bringing forth now, and who you have become. Let yourself be received and seen. Declare yourself as the Source of your deepest heart and wisdom, and the Great Manifester of your life.

In this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create a Life Map of what you want to create and how you’re going to get there
  • Be celebrated as you declare who you have become and where you want to go
  • Gather loving support and phenomenal wisdom for your Life Map
  • Step into your new Avatar, and declare her boldly
  • Imprint your new sense of home in your heart and the reclaiming of yourself in your soul

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